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Hasta luego

Here comes Sunday, my last vacation day. Thankfully I had booked a somewhat late flight and could still enjoy Seville and friends a little. The plan was, first a visit to Plaza de España, which had been undergoing renovations for years and had just reopened to the public the previous weekend. Afterwards, mystery lunch at Casa Az… Continue reading


¿Borracho, como no?

Saturday. After slightly more than one full day in Seville it was quite clear that the city was a candidate for my Top Cities In The World list (along with Edinburgh if you need to know). Would today be up to my expectations? Would the Tapas Tour planned for that evening be able to compete against yesterday’s lunch? What an unbearable suspense. Continue reading

El Hombre Loco

Friday 22 October, early but I’m not sleepy anymore. The hotel fountain is still off (to avoid the reader some painful suspense: I won’t hear it anymore during my stay). I could do with a coffee, but I’m not that desperate that I cannot walk those sunny and crisp three minutes to  Horno san Buenaventura, when I could for no effort at all get a bite at the hotel. With my best Spanish, I sit at the counter of the San Buenaventura and order a café con leche y una tostada de jamón Ibérico. These live up to their reputation, which means a very good way to start a day indeed. So good I order otro café con leche y tostada while enjoying the morning. Continue reading

Mi aerodeslizador está lleno de anguilas

There we go. First part of a series describing my first trip to Sevilla visiting azahar and meeting other internet weirdoes, for the very first Sevilla Blogfriends Meet.

I had been waiting for these few days away to Spain for quite a while now. And boy did it happen just at the right time: that week had started quite bad, and by wednesday I was, as they say, down in the dumps. A few days away from everything were particularly welcome.

So finally Thursday sunny Thursday came up: I left everything behind, work worries and cat, and onwards to Seville. The trip itself was quite uneventful, slightly caricatural: the weather was cold and humid when I left, bright and pleasantly warm when I arrived; the inflight meal was, um, not the best (especially seeing what brilliant meals were ahead). And the holiday ahead was simply breathtaking, even though I had no idea how much at that point. Continue reading

Hello world!

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome…