Mi aerodeslizador está lleno de anguilas

There we go. First part of a series describing my first trip to Sevilla visiting azahar and meeting other internet weirdoes, for the very first Sevilla Blogfriends Meet.

I had been waiting for these few days away to Spain for quite a while now. And boy did it happen just at the right time: that week had started quite bad, and by wednesday I was, as they say, down in the dumps. A few days away from everything were particularly welcome.

So finally Thursday sunny Thursday came up: I left everything behind, work worries and cat, and onwards to Seville. The trip itself was quite uneventful, slightly caricatural: the weather was cold and humid when I left, bright and pleasantly warm when I arrived; the inflight meal was, um, not the best (especially seeing what brilliant meals were ahead). And the holiday ahead was simply breathtaking, even though I had no idea how much at that point.

Arriving from the airport in the Avenida del Cid in Sevilla I was greeted by l’expert de Séville in person. I immediately gave away my cluelessness by complimenting her new hair colour (in reality, a different hairdo).  Then we walked back to my hotel through those wee winding streets which were to become my usual walking ground in the next few days.

On our way we passed a tapas place which had opened that very same day, which az informed me we had to try out that evening. We stopped at an Irish pub for a snack (well, I had a snack anyway — the airline sandwich hadn’t been so (ful)filling, you see). And we passed a place which was described as the best cafe con leche in town, as well as an absolute must-breakfast. Would I go there the following morning? Would the breakfast live up to the hype? Answers tomorrow.

The hotel itself was a nice little place, very pleasant quiet and cosy. My room opened on a patio with a fountain, and I’m a sucker for the sound of water. At that point az left to deal for business of her own, and I had some time to get installed and refreshed.

After getting installed and refreshed I walked back to casa az to meet my friend again. Amazingly enough, I didn’t get lost (OK, most of the way was just straight, but you never know). So we went to try out the new tapas place, which was very exciting for two reasons: on the one hand, my first properly Spanish tapas ever. On the other hand, seeing sevillatapas actually in the process of trying out a new place and getting her reactions first hand.

Unfortunately we were moderately impressed. After some very pleasant time we were joined by Noggin, and we left to another tapas place, which in general opinion was much better. The decoration was both modern, sober and bright, the food was great, and the white wine was — well, I could have drunk it all day long.

Finally we left, and the question arose whether I should go with Az and Nog to greet dragonqueen, another Sevilla blogmeet attendant from Sweden, and go for a late drink on a rooftop bar. Unfortunately I had had quite a long day already, so I went back to my hotel to crash into bed and be ready early enough (and without headache) the next day.

The hotel had switched off the fountain, them little brats!


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