Monthly Archives: February 2011

Godot’s records

While we all wait with baited breath for the next part of my fascinating Edinburgh Adventures Account, it becomes increasingly apparent that nothing is going to show up this February. So in order to ask forgiveness from you, sweet reader, and to buy a little more time truth be told, here comes a brand new Cloud Quiz!

Below you can find six word clouds, sharing a common theme: music. For each cloud, I picked an album from my CD collection and C&P’d all the tracks’ lyrics into wordle. The words from these lyrics show up on the clouds with a size proportional to their frequency. (I also trimmed the clouds a little — removing major giveaways and too-often repeated sentences, like singers do sometimes at the end of a song.)

The game is: can you identify the artists and the albums?

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The scratched and unusable negative

Another installment of my Edinburgh adventures series. Where it turns out that I can perceive the present time without being taken several years back. Plus, culture makes a cautious appearance.

We don't get these in Germany.

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Cities and memory

It seems to be an unwritten tradition of mine to always get my first pint or so at the Elm Bar (Deuchars IPA this time). I am not quite sure why; I mean, it’s not that I like it there much more than anywhere else. It has certainly a pleasant choice of beers, and it is conveniently located in the middle (my notes don’t say the middle of what). Well, it has been a few years that I do it, it probably just happened. Maybe I should make up a fancy story to explain how it all started? Continue reading