Godot’s records

While we all wait with baited breath for the next part of my fascinating Edinburgh Adventures Account, it becomes increasingly apparent that nothing is going to show up this February. So in order to ask forgiveness from you, sweet reader, and to buy a little more time truth be told, here comes a brand new Cloud Quiz!

Below you can find six word clouds, sharing a common theme: music. For each cloud, I picked an album from my CD collection and C&P’d all the tracks’ lyrics into wordle. The words from these lyrics show up on the clouds with a size proportional to their frequency. (I also trimmed the clouds a little — removing major giveaways and too-often repeated sentences, like singers do sometimes at the end of a song.)

The game is: can you identify the artists and the albums?

Good luck!

(Click on the images to get a full-sized version.)








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10 responses to “Godot’s records

  • SF

    Is it relevant that number 1 has two “love”s and two “bang”s?

    • the quiet one

      Ah crap. No, I think it’s because each word appeared once with a capital and once without (Love, love; Bang, bang). I set the cloud to appear all lower-case, hoping that wordle would identify both words as being the same, but it seems that it didn’t happen.

      Serves me well for being so lazy! Er, I mean, it is for additional entertainment 😉

  • Icy North

    Nice quiz 🙂

    Number 1 is one of my favourite albums – I won’t spoil it for others, but it features a street scene on the cover.

    Number 3 could be someone who died in 1977, maybe?

    I’ll happily bet my house on number 5 being a certain Antipodean band that started in the 1970s and are still going today.

    No idea about numbers 2 and 4.


  • SF

    Ah, I’m rubbish at music anyway.

  • the quiet one

    Clue time?

    One band is indeed antipodean;
    three bands are from the UK, but from different parts;
    one band is American with a Scottish singer;
    the remaining one is a singer (rather than a band), whose nationality would be a dead giveaway.

  • the quiet one

    More clues: Movie Connections.

    – One band wrote and performed the soundtrack of a James Bond movie.
    – Part of another band wrote, but didn’t perform, the soundtrack of a Bond movie. They also have a single hit from a superhero film.
    – Speaking of which: a third band wrote the whole soundtrack of a superhero movie.
    – The singer wrote the score for a musical drama.
    – I am unaware that the last band has contributed to a movie. However, their name is a tribute to a movie by an internationally acclaimed German director.

  • the quiet one

    Oh, I never gave solutions to that one, did I? Here they come (and a few months later I found it hard to recognise the bands, let alone the albums):

    – The Beatles, Abbey Road;
    – Garbage, eponymous album;
    – Texas, Southside;
    – U2, The Joshua Tree;
    – AC/DC, High Voltage;
    – Björk, Post.

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