Monthly Archives: March 2011

A song about a long gone Irish girl

Despair not, O fair Reader, lest the thrilling tale of my stay in Edinburgh may never be finished. Here it comes at last: part 4 — packed with culture, booze and comedy! In technicolor!

You may want to refresh your memory: Find out why I went to Edinburgh this time, read all about the memories which kept me company during the stay, see how well the first few days went.

And now, let the show begin. Continue reading


And the ashes blew towards us

I had the weirdest experience tonight, a dream which woke up a memory long forgotten. You may remember from an earlier story that I have, or used to have, quite vivid memories attached to my grandmother’s house. When I was a lad, my family and I used to visit her in Sèvres near Paris. Ubiquitous in her house was a very specific fragrance, which I found again in a soap a few years after the house had been sold, and which I have tried to find again ever since. Much to my dismay, I realised last month that I was no longer able to conjure up at will the memory of this fragrance; but I digress. Continue reading