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Godot’s records

While we all wait with baited breath for the next part of my fascinating Edinburgh Adventures Account, it becomes increasingly apparent that nothing is going to show up this February. So in order to ask forgiveness from you, sweet reader, and to buy a little more time truth be told, here comes a brand new Cloud Quiz!

Below you can find six word clouds, sharing a common theme: music. For each cloud, I picked an album from my CD collection and C&P’d all the tracks’ lyrics into wordle. The words from these lyrics show up on the clouds with a size proportional to their frequency. (I also trimmed the clouds a little — removing major giveaways and too-often repeated sentences, like singers do sometimes at the end of a song.)

The game is: can you identify the artists and the albums?

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Head in a cloud

Before a more substantial post hopefully some time next week, here is an update on last week’s quizzes, plus five brand new Word Cloud Puzzles!

Quiz #1 – the word cloud was correctly identified as from the Arabian Nights. ‘Vizier’ and ‘Sultan’ were “a bit of a giveaway”.

Quiz #2 – not the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, not Stevenson, but interesting guesses nonetheless.

Let’s reprint it for convenience. The following haikus (actually, ordinary sentences which happen to be breakable into groups of 5, 7, and 5 syllables) are found in the same book. The question is: which one?

Who was I? What was
I? Whence did I come? What was
my destination?

Who can describe their
horror and consternation
on beholding me?

On that night he had
determined to consummate
his crimes by my death.


And now five brand new Word Cloud Puzzles! The following word clouds have been created from famous texts; the size of words in the cloud increases with their frequency in the texts. This time, to avoid another viziergate and make things trickier, I also deleted the more identifiable words (mostly proper names).

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A quick one, while he’s away

I will be away over the next two weekends, and won’t write any new post during that time. So to keep you amused a little bit during that time, let me show you a few text processors to play with. Processor here is to be understood as in “food processor”, not “word processor” — you input the text and something comes out at the other end. Continue reading