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A perfect day for perfect pain

Ever since the beginning I knew that the day would come. And then it came, much too fast, much too early. Friday 21, mid morning, my cat died.

This wasn’t actually unexpected: a large tumor had been detected in her belly early this year, and the vet didn’t hide the fact that it was highly unlikely to be the kind you eventually get better from. But you never know and we should have a look some day; long story short, I’ve been preparing for my cat’s death for a few months now.

And yet. Continue reading


L’heure avant l’aube du jour suivant

A portrait in 5 snapshots

J is a waitress, and a student as well. She works in the pub a couple of blocks away. I am a regular there ever since the football World Cup in 2010. I am not sure she likes football. It doesn’t matter: the games are opportunities to have a good time in a lively atmosphere, and lots of beer. And long evenings chilling out with pub regulars who stay even when the game is over.

We play name-boozing: each participant gets allocated a football player. Whenever the player is mentioned on TV during the game, the participant must drink from their pint, empty it if the player scores a goal. If memory serves, the game is Germany vs. England. J gets Schweinsteiger, and complains that she will be too drunk to work by the end of the game. I get Mertesacker, who must have eaten a tiger if one is to judge by the number of times he is mentioned that night. Continue reading